The US vs. China. New cold war

US President Donald Trump has threatened China with a complete break in relations, and Congress is preparing to consider a new package of sanctions against China.

Against the background of the coronavirus pandemic in the world, the confrontation between the United States and China has intensified, which has already been dubbed the new cold war. US President Donald Trump has threatened to break off relations with China completely.

The pandemic has already worsened the relationship between Americans and Chinese to each other. According to a recent Pew Research Center poll, 66% of Americans view China negatively — the worst rate since the survey began in 2005.

What made China so angry with Trump and the United States?

Pre-election syndrome

Donald Trump has been criticizing China since he was elected President, but the criticism is getting fiercer as new elections approach.

In January and February, trump also praised Chinese President XI Jinping for “transparency” in working with the US on the epidemic and generally expressed public support for Beijing.

The worse the epidemiological situation in the United States became, the more harshly trump blamed Beijing for this. By the end of March, the US came out on top in the number of infected, and the President finally changed his tone. Although who declared COVID-19 the official name of the disease, the President and his administration deliberately continued to refer to the virus as Wuhan and Chinese.

Other countries have joined the US charges: Germany, Australia, Great Britain, and France. Beijing is being asked to be more transparent in its internal investigation into the origin of the virus or to allow independent international research. The US state of Missouri went the farthest in charges, the Prosecutor General of which filed a lawsuit against the Chinese authorities because of the pandemic.
Protecting China

To protect its interests and image in the international arena, China claims that it has bought “priceless time” for all humanity to fight the virus. Still, not everyone has used it correctly, sends humanitarian aid to those in need, and launches conspiracy theories, for example, that the virus was allegedly brought to Wuhan by the US military in the fall of last year.

The health systems of many countries around the world, especially poor African countries, cannot cope with the extremely high incidence of COVID-19 and depend on international support, which must also be provided immediately. Therefore, these countries are the most willing to accept the generous assistance of the PRC.

This, in turn, fits into China’s strategy to take a leading position in the world. While the United States is curtailing its presence in international organizations — for example, in various UN structures-an economically stable China is trying to occupy the vacant niche, thereby gaining more and more geopolitical weight.

China will not allow a genuinely independent investigation of the origin of the virus on its territory and will methodically press every country that requires it.
Place of Ukraine
Political analyst Kostya Bondarenko doubts that Ukraine will play any vital role in the US-Chinese confrontation. The fact is that Chinese interests in Ukraine are minimal.

“If there is a serious trade war between China and the United States, it will affect the entire world, the entire world economy. Well, Ukraine as a weak economy. Political concessions are possible between Washington and Moscow. If Moscow is 100% in the position of the United States in the confrontation with China, if it takes the position of Washington, then there may indeed be concessions. But I think that this is a utopia,” the expert said.

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