The US urged Russia and China not to block the arms embargo on Iran

The White House hopes that the Russian Federation and China will not block the extension of the UN Security Council arms embargo on Iran, said US national security adviser Robert O’Brien.

Journalists from the presidential pool asked O’Brien what the administration would do if Russia or China blocked the extension of the embargo in the UN Security Council.

“I hope they won’t do it. I don’t think many countries in the world would like Iran to start importing medium-range ballistic missiles, main battle tanks, and fourth-and fifth-generation combat aircraft. I don’t think it will benefit anyone in the region. This is not good for anyone in the world, and the Russians and Chinese know it, ” O’Brien said.

“We hope that they will either abstain or vote for a resolution that will prohibit the sending of such high-tech weapons to Iran. If this does not happen, we have other tools in stock,” he added.