The US urged companies to pay more attention to cybersecurity

The head of the US Department of Transportation, Pete Buttigieg, believes that all private companies, including small ones, should have reliable cybersecurity systems since hacking is fraught with consequences on a national scale.

“Working in the field of ensuring the security of the transport system, we cooperate a lot with the National Security Service. Our task is to build a sustainable transport system… The transport system, as well as the water and electricity supply systems, is largely either in private hands or under the control of local authorities. Therefore, we must make sure that even the smallest market player, any private company has mechanisms to ensure its cybersecurity,” the minister said in an interview with CBS. He stressed that the incident with the hacker attack on the company Colonial Pipeline showed that hacking the security systems of a private company can have consequences that will affect the entire country.

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Author: John Kessler
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