The US, UK, and EU called on Belarus to hold free and fair elections

The US, UK, and EU diplomatic missions have issued a joint statement on the upcoming presidential elections in Belarus.

The diplomatic missions of the United States, Great Britain, and the European Union issued a joint statement on the presidential elections in Belarus.

The authors of the statement welcomed the progress made in relations with Belarus over the past few years, noting numerous positive changes in cooperation and confirming the desire to continue this positive interaction with Belarus based on shared values.

“As Belarus begins the process of electing its President, we call on the Belarusian authorities to take the necessary measures to conduct safe, peaceful, free and fair elections and ensure fundamental freedoms,” the statement reads.

The authors of the statement called on Belarus to promptly send an official invitation to the OSCE / ODIHR, to demonstrate a willingness to make progress in implementing the recommendations of their previous reports, in ensuring a fair and transparent process of registration of candidates and make recommendations of the world health organization on social distancing in a pandemic.

The statement also highlights the importance of ensuring media freedom and the right to peaceful assembly and expresses concern about the recent detentions of peaceful protesters and the arrests of journalists.

“The existence of tangible steps taken by Belarus to ensure respect for universal fundamental freedoms, the rule of law and human rights will remain a key factor in shaping our future policy towards Belarus,” the authors of the statement emphasized.