The US Treasury Department allowed financial transactions with the opposition of Venezuela to bypass sanctions

To do this, the Office of Foreign Assets Control of the US Department of the Treasury has distributed the so-called general license 31A.

On Monday, the US Treasury Department allowed US companies to conduct financial transactions with Juan Guaido and other representatives of the Venezuelan opposition, bypassing the sanctions imposed on the Bolivarian Republic.

To do this, the Office of Foreign Assets Control of the US Treasury Department has distributed the so-called general license 31A. “The United States stands on the side of the people of Venezuela and the current interim President Juan Guaido. < … > The Office has issued a license 31A, allowing transactions and activities involving < … > Guaido, the Fourth National Assembly (Parliament), which began to meet on January 5, 2016, as well as its authorized commission, < … > which otherwise (without a license) are prohibited by Decree 13884 (presidential decree of August 2019 on freezing the assets of the Venezuelan government), ” the Ministry of Finance said in its explanations.

The situation in Venezuela sharply worsened after, on January 23, 2019, Guaido, whose appointment to the post of speaker of parliament was annulled by the Supreme Court two days before, declared himself acting president. The interim head of state recognized by the US joined the country’s Group Lima (except Mexico), the American States Organization, and most EU members. Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro called the incident an attempted coup and announced diplomatic relations with the United States. It was supported by Russia, Belarus, Iran, China, Cuba, Nicaragua, Syria, and Turkey.

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