The US told about the preparation of the G7 summit with the participation of Russia

US Ambassador to Russia John Sullivan spoke about the preparations for the G7 summit in an expanded format with the participation of four more countries.

“We are currently working out the details and discussing with the Russian Foreign Ministry and the governments of other participating countries the question of whether there is an acceptable role for Russia at this summit,” the US representative said. Sullivan stressed that US President Donald Trump would like to see Russian President Vladimir Putin, as Moscow is “involved in all the issues that are on the agenda of the summit.”

Donald Trump, at the end of May, announced the decision to postpone the G7 summit for the fall and invite several third-party States to it. In addition to Russia, we were talking about Australia, South Korea, and India. The American President explained that, in his opinion, the G7 is an “outdated group” of countries. The European Union and Canada opposed this decision. Moscow is interested in the invitation and is studying it.

Russia was a member of the “Big eight” until 2014 but was excluded from it by the decision of other members of the group after the annexation of Crimea. The organization continued to exist in the G7 format.