The US threatens sanctions to participants of the “Nord stream-2” project

The US government contacts European companies involved in constructing “Nord stream-2” and warns them of sanctions’ threat. The DPA news agency reported, citing a representative of the US government.

“This pipeline will not take place,” a senior US government official told the German news agency.

“The US does not want to impose sanctions against European companies. We make these calls to warn them and give them time to get out (of the project),” the source added, without specifying which specific companies are involved.

The US government representative also expressed the opinion that “Nord stream-2” is alleged, “a geopolitical project that Russia will use to blackmail European countries.”

On Friday, the Handelsblatt publication reported that the Eastern Committee of the German economy appealed to the speaker of the US House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, with a proposal to abandon sanctions on the “Nord stream-2.” The letter, dated November 17, noted that German businesses were concerned to learn that “American Democrats want to introduce new, extraterritorial sanctions against the “Nord stream-2″ project at the expense of European companies.” The Eastern Committee called on the US to “refrain from economic penalties.”

Author: Steve Cowan
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