The US threatened EU sanctions for violation of anti-Iranian measures

The US can impose restrictions against the European Union if they violate the existing US sanctions against Iran, said the US Secretary of state Michael Pompeo.
He noted that there were some exceptions to these sanctions, including food and medicine.

“If these actions (trade of the EU and Iran- Free News ) related to these exceptions, we will not impose sanctions. But if there is any violation of our restrictions, we are ready to apply sanctions to any party,” Pompeo said.

Earlier, the US Secretary of state urged the UN Security Council not to lift the embargo on arms supplies to Iran in 2020, as well as to introduce an inspection of ports and ships on the high seas in order to prevent Iran from selling weapons.

Pompeo also said that Washington intends to seek the restoration of previously existing UN sanctions against the Iranian program for the development of ballistic missiles.

On May 8, the US President Donald Trump announced the US withdrawal from the Joint comprehensive plan of action on the Iranian nuclear program and signed a decree on the two-stage restoration of sanctions against Iran. The additional US sanctions against Iran, which covered oil exports, came into force on November 5.

Russia supports the preservation and strict implementation of the Joint comprehensive plan of action on the Iranian nuclear programme. The EU countries also announced that they are going to continue to fulfill the terms of the deal.

The Iranian nuclear deal was concluded between Tehran and six world powers (Russia, Great Britain, Germany, China, USA, France) in 2015. Iran has pledged to limit its nuclear program, placing it under international control, in exchange for the lifting of sanctions by the UN, the US and the EU.

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