The US Supreme Court rejected the Republican claim about the timing of sending ballots by mail

The justices upheld a lower-court ruling.

The US Supreme court allowed an extension of the deadline for mailing ballots in Pennsylvania, rejecting a Republican request to block a lower-court decision that gave voters more time.

The justices upheld a Pennsylvania Supreme Court decision that extended the deadline for receiving postmarked ballots to three days after the November 3 election.

The court’s ruling notes that four of the five conservative justices granted the Republican request. Currently, the court, which usually consists of nine members, has only eight judges. Chief justice John Roberts joined three liberal justices in rejecting the request. Five votes were required to satisfy it.

The state Republican Party and Republican representatives in Pennsylvania separately appealed the state Supreme Court’s ruling, seeking to tighten the deadline for sending ballots by mail.

In a September 17 ruling, the state Supreme Court ruled in favor of the Pennsylvania Democratic Party and various Democratic Party officials and candidates who went to court to protect voting rights during the coronavirus pandemic, prompting an increase in requests for mail-in ballots. Democrats have also expressed concern about whether the US postal service, led by a Trump ally, can handle this problem of delivering ballots on time.

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