The US Supreme Court refused to stop the construction of the wall

Two public organizations insisted on this.

The US Supreme Court rejected a lawsuit by two public organizations seeking to cancel the construction of a protective wall along the border with Mexico, which President Donald Trump promised to build.

The court rejected the request of two public organizations, the Sierra Club and the southern border cities coalition, by five votes to four. They demanded that the construction of the wall be suspended until the end of the trial, and the case was considered controversial. The vote followed an “ideological line”: five conservatives against four liberals.

In July last year, the court approved the allocation of funds for the construction of the wall, granting an emergency request from the Trump administration. After that, the administration directed funds to build barriers, roads, and lighting along the border, which is considered drug smuggling corridors, according to court documents.

Currently, the construction of the wall is funded by 2.5 billion dollars allocated by Congress to the Pentagon for other programs.