The US Supreme Court did not allow an extension of the deadline for accepting ballots sent by mail in Wisconsin

Ballots that were not in the hands of election commission members at the closing of polling stations will not be counted.

The US Supreme Court upheld a lower court ruling that said ballots sent by mail and stamped by the time polls closed on Election Day on November 3, but arrived six days later, would not be counted.

The state of Wisconsin is crucial to the re-election of Republican President Donald Trump. Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan wrote in a minority opinion that the majority decision “will disenfranchise many responsible voters in a dangerous pandemic.”

The coronavirus pandemic contributes to an increase in mail-in voting as Americans seek to avoid crowding at the polls, even though President Trump has repeatedly stated without evidence that such voting-long practiced in American elections rife with fraud.

A Reuters / Ipsos poll released on Monday showed former US Vice President Biden ahead of President Trump by 9% in the state.

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