The US Senator: the issue of Trump’s nomination for the presidency may be resolved in early 2019

Republican Bob Corker believes that the next quarter will be very important for the United States.

The first three months of 2019 will determine whether Donald Trump will be re-nominated for the US presidency in the 2020 election. This opinion was expressed on Sunday on CNN TV by the Chairman of the foreign Affairs Committee of the upper house of Congress Republican Bob Corker.

The US Senator: the issue of Trump's nomination for the presidency may be resolved in early 2019

The party member of the President was asked to comment on the publication this week of the newspaper the New York Times, which with reference to Corker claimed that the re-election of Trump as head of state may be in question. “I don’t know, we’ll see what happens next quarter,” Corker replied, recalling that he has been working in the US Senate for 12 years.

“I believe that the next quarter will be very important three months for our country. I think it is important for our country that the Senate of the United States was prepared for a difficult situation and did not make new huge mistakes in foreign policy”, – said Corker, complaining that only trump knows how to proceed in the future.

The Senator did not give a direct answer to the question whether he wants Trump re-election as President of the United States. “It doesn’t matter whether I want it or not,” Corker said.

In the Republican Party, according to the Internet portal Elections Central, the competition to Donald Trump in the nomination of the official candidate of the party in the presidential election of 2020 could be senators Bob Corker from Tennessee, Jeff Flake from Arizona, Tom Cotton from Arkansas and Ted Cruz from Texas, already participated in the presidential campaign in 2016.

The first meetings of party activists in the future presidential campaign will be held in Iowa in early February 2020. The Democratic Party Congress, which will officially nominate a candidate, will be held on 13-16 July 2020. The right to host the Congress is claimed by Miami Beach (Florida), Milwaukee (Wisconsin) and Houston (Texas). The Republicans will hold their Congress on August 24-27, 2020 in Charlotte (North Carolina).

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