The US Senate has approved a new attorney General. It’s purpose raises questions

The US Senate approved William Barr’s candidacy for the post of attorney General by a small majority (54-45).

Barr was nominated by the President Donald Trump. All Republicans voted for him, except for the Senator from Kentucky, and three Democrats.
Barr will actually head the Ministry of justice, independent of party policy, AA — in 1991-1993, under the Bush senior administration he already held this post.
There, he earned a reputation as a supporter of the expansion of the presidential powers.
For example, during the Gulf war and the operation in Panama, Barr told the President that He had the right to send troops anywhere without asking permission from Congress.

After working in the Ministry of justice, Barr held the post of chief lawyer of the telecommunications company Verizon until 2008, and then retired.
Among other things, the attorney General will oversee the investigation of special Prosecutor Robert Mueller on Russia’s alleged interference in the US elections.

However, as many reviewers recall, this is not his only work.

Why do we need the Ministry of Justice

The main task of the justice Department is to protect the civil rights of Americans, and in this area William Barr’s track record raises a number of questions, especially among Democrats.

For example, the new attorney General is likely support the emerging course of the White House to complicate the procedure for obtaining American citizenship. The other day, Donald Trump has already spoken in the spirit that the “right of the soil” (automatic American citizenship to all who were born in the United States) should be reviewed.

During the Senate hearings, Barr also supported the construction of a wall on the border with Mexico, arguing that it would help stop the flow of drugs into the country. Meanwhile, many critics point out that the vast majority of drugs enter the United States through existing border crossings.

On the other hand, Barr has already hinted that he intends to limit the use of instructions issued by his predecessor, recommending that Federal prosecutors always demand the maximum possible punishment.

Working as a Prosecutor General in the Bush senior administration, Barr was not exactly soft. But in those years, there was an increase in crime in the country, and long prison terms for everything in General corresponded to the mood of citizens.

Barr also promised to give the States some freedom to experiment with the legalization of marijuana (strictly speaking, Federal law prohibits it so far).

Competent employee

The American press notes that unlike many other Trump’s appointees, Barr is quite a skilled specialist for the role he will take.

At the same time, critics predict that the clash between the new attorney General and the President is almost inevitable, mainly because Donald Trump has the wrong idea of what the attorney General is for: in his opinion, Barr’s main job will be to limit Muller’s investigation.

Barr previously often criticized the work of the special Prosecutor, but has already promised that will give the Commission Muller to bring their work to an end.

Author: Flyn Braun
Graduated from Cambridge University. Previously, he worked in various diferent news media. Currently, it is a columnist of the us news section in the Free News editors.
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