The US Senate called to bring to justice the Saudi Prince

A group of the US senators introduced the upper house of the Congress a draft resolution demanding to bring to justice the crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Mohammed bin Salman al Saud for the murder of journalist Jamal Hashukji.

The US Senate called to bring to justice the Saudi Prince

Opposition to the Saudi authorities Hashukji journalist who was a columnist for the American newspaper the Washington Post and since 2017 were living in the United States, went missing in Turkey on October 2 after he entered the building of the Consulate General of Saudi Arabia in Istanbul. Later, the Istanbul Prosecutor’s office said that Hashukji was killed intentionally, the journalist’s body was dismembered and destroyed after he was strangled in the Consulate General.

The draft resolution of the US Senate was prepared by representatives of the Republican and Democratic parties led by Republican Senator Lindsey Graham. The document, if adopted, will not have the force of law, but will only fix the position of the Senate.

In the document, Mohammed bin Salman is directly responsible for the crime, because as the crown Prince, he “controlled the security forces at the time of the murder.”

“Based on the evidence and analysis provided by this institution (the U.S. Senate – ed.), the Senate has a high degree of confidence that Mohammed bin Salman was involved in the murder of Jamal Hashukji… We urge the United States government and the international community to bring to justice all parties, including the Mohammed bin Salman, was involved in the murder of Jamal Hashukji”, — stated in the project document.

The draft resolution also addresses other issues related to Saudi Arabia.

In particular, the senators call on the government of the Kingdom to hold direct talks with representatives of the Houthi movement to put an end to the war in Yemen.

The situation around the murder Hashukji has led to strained relations between Saudi Arabia and a number of States, however, the US President, Donald Trump declared that he would not come into conflict with the Kingdom for the sake of important bilateral political and economic relations. This decision was criticized by Trump’s opponents in the US and abroad.

Author: Flyn Braun
Graduated from Cambridge University. Previously, he worked in various diferent news media. Currently, it is a columnist of the us news section in the Free News editors.
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