The US Secretary of education urged his colleagues to resist the command of Biden

It is expected that the President-elect administration will reform the ministry to establish new liberal values.

US Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos called on her department employees to resist the team that will come to the country’s education system with the elected Democratic President Joseph Biden. This is with reference to the audio address DeVos addressed to colleagues, the newspaper The Hill reported.

“Let me make this appeal to you: resist. Resist the forces that will lead you away from what you are doing for students. In everything that you do, please put students first-always,” the publication quotes the recorded address of the minister that came to its disposal.

According to this appeal, DeVos hopes that thousands of graduates will remain in the ministry and under the Biden administration, which is expected to reform it to assert new liberal values. The Minister’s call for resistance, for defending traditional approaches to education, is addressed to these cadres.

These positions, the newspaper recalls, DeVos herself actively defended as a minister, which, as the publication writes, “caused fierce hatred among supporters of the Democratic Party,” including her efforts to change the approach to dealing with allegations of sexual violence and harassment in educational institutions. DeVos believes that it is necessary to pay more attention to their validity when considering these charges and not rush to conclusions – as has been the case in the United States recently-based only on accusations of such violence.

“In everything that we in the ministry have achieved, we have proceeded from what is right for students,” the newspaper quoted the minister as saying. “And four years later, it’s still my priority. I still hope that this remains a priority for all of you.”

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