The US refused to withdraw nuclear weapons from Europe

The United States is ready to discuss with Russia any proposed topics, but will not withdraw nuclear weapons from Europe, said the special envoy of the US President Marshall Billingslea.

When asked if the US is ready to remove its nuclear weapons from Europe, he said: “No, we won’t do that. But we are ready to discuss everything that Russia wants to talk to us about.”

“We take the position of the Russian side extremely seriously and consider it important to conduct a professional dialogue on issues that cause joint concern, as well as those that cause concern to one of the parties. Therefore, we are certainly ready to talk with Russia about NATO and our nuclear deterrence guarantees given to the members of the North Atlantic Alliance. But we will not remove nuclear weapons from any of their storage sites. And we do not demand the same from the Russian Federation. We do not demand that the Russian authorities withdraw all their nuclear weapons from Kaliningrad or do something similar,” Billingslea said.

“Therefore, no, we do not suggest any specific actions that could affect the change in the places of storage or deployment of (nuclear) weapons,” he added.