The US raised duties on European-made aircraft

The rate increased from 10% to 15%.

The US raised the customs tariff on aircraft manufactured in the EU from 10% to 15%. The tariff will take effect on March 18.

In October, the WTO, after reviewing claims against the European aircraft manufacturer Airbus, which the US accuses of long-term receiving hidden subsidies from the European Union, granted Washington the right to impose tariffs on European imports worth $ 7.5 billion annually.

On October 18, the US set a 10% customs rate on all Airbus planes and 25% on much other goods-from cheese to whiskey.

Commenting on the latest decision by Washington, the Office of the US trade representative issued a statement indicating that it is ready to reach an agreement with the EU on this issue.

Airbus said that Washington’s move would negatively affect American airlines and complicate the negotiation process.

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