The US published a list of companies that fell under sanctions because of Navalny

The US Department of Commerce named 13 organizations against which trade sanctions were imposed

Earlier, the United States, following the European Union, imposed restrictions against Russia, linking them to the situation around Alexei Navalny. The blacklist includes nine companies from Russia, three from Germany, and one from Switzerland.

Sanctions for “proliferation activities in support of the Russian weapons of mass destruction program” affected the following organizations:

—Chimmed Group;

—Chimconnect GmbH;

—Chimconnect AG;

—Pharmkontract GmbH;


— Interlab;


—OOO products ANALYTE;

—Intertekh, OOO;

—Pharmcontract GC;

—Rau Faem;

— Regionsnab;

— Riol-Chemie

“Nine of these organizations are located in Russia, three in Germany and one in Switzerland,” the US Department of Commerce said.

Also, as previously reported, sanctions are being imposed against the 27th scientific center of the Russian Defense Ministry.

Any transactions related to the export of these companies ‘ products to the United States are subject to a “presumed waiver” licensing regime. Also, those who have business with these companies, in turn, risk falling under US sanctions.

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