The US pledges $ 600 million in humanitarian aid to Afghanistan

Receiving half of this amount by Kabul will depend on progress in peace talks with the Taliban.

The United States pledged $ 600 million in humanitarian aid to Afghan civilians next year. Receiving half of these funds will depend on the outcome of peace talks with the Taliban in Doha.

As US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo explained, the negotiations’ decisions will affect the size and scale of Afghanistan’s assistance. Washington will assess progress in a year.

In November, the decision announced earlier by President Donald Trump to withdraw US troops from Afghanistan “does not indicate a policy change,” US Deputy Secretary of State David Hale said at a conference in Geneva, calling for efforts to unify and stabilize Afghanistan.

“We are ready to support Afghanistan, and to this end, we have allocated $ 600 million to help the civilian population in 2021. Today, we promise to allocate $ 300 million of this amount, and the remaining $ 300 million will be available as progress in the peace settlement is assessed,” Hale said.

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