The US plans to unfreeze some of Iran’s assets

The United States and Iran intend to exchange the detained citizens, according to the Lebanese TV channel al-Mayadeen, citing Iranian sources.

Washington will release four detained Iranians. In exchange for this, Iran will release four Americans accused of spying on behalf of American intelligence,” the TV channel reported on Sunday, citing Iranian sources.

According to the channel, the Iranians detained in the United States “helped to circumvent the embargo imposed on Iran.”

Also, according to the channel, as part of the deal, the United States intends to “pay” $ 7 billion from frozen Iranian assets.

“The Biden administration did not want to pay any money from frozen accounts during the negotiations and was not happy about it, but the Iranian side insisted on the need to unfreeze some of the funds,” the channel’s sources note.

Similar talks were also held between the Iranian and British delegations, the channel reports.

Author: Steve Cowan
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