The US plans to train the Cypriot military

Washington’s decision caused dissatisfaction with Turkey.

The US announced plans for the first joint military training program with Cyprus, ignoring the position of NATO member Turkey, which warned of destabilization.

Last year, the US Congress lifted a long-standing arms embargo on the island, a third of which is occupied by Turkey.

US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo said that the state Department would Finance a military training program for the Republic of Cyprus for the first time as part of the “expanding security relations between the two countries.”

“This is part of our efforts to strengthen relations with key regional partners to promote stability in the Eastern Mediterranean,” Pompeo told reporters.

Turkey and the self-proclaimed Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus have previously warned against ending the embargo, saying such a decision would upset the balance of power on the island.
“As we have repeatedly stressed earlier, such steps do not help find a solution to the Cyprus problem, but rather further strengthen the uncompromising position of the Greek Cypriots,” the Turkish foreign Ministry commented on Pompeo’s announcement.

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