The US plans to deploy missiles near China’s borders

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The United States plans to deploy missiles on islands near the border with China, writes EADaily with reference to the Nikkei newspaper.

So, according to the command of the US armed forces in the Indo-Pacific region, American missiles should be installed on islands in East China and South China Seas to preserve the “combat potential” in the event of potential aggression from China.

It is planned to deploy surface-to-ship missiles with a range of up to 200 kilometers and medium-range missiles, the publication adds.

The Senkaku Islands (Chinese for Diaoyu) are the territorial dispute between China and Japan. The islands are currently controlled by Tokyo, which states that they have been subject to Japanese jurisdiction since 1895.

China, in turn, claims that on the maps that appeared in Japan in 1783 and 1785, the islands were designated as its territory.

After World War II, the islands were under the control of the United States and were transferred to Japan in 1972. In Taiwan and mainland China, it is believed that the Japanese side is holding them illegally.

Author: Steve Cowan
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