The US plans to allocate another trillion dollars to support the economy

Republicans will offer to spend another trillion dollars to support the economy, US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin confirmed on Fox News.

“Inside the $ 1 trillion packages, there are the most priority and urgent things,” Mnuchin said.

According to him, the package includes new direct payments to American families.

The package must be passed by Congress and signed by President Donald Trump. Democrats who control the House of Representatives say that the proposed funds are not enough, and significantly more funds are needed.

In the spring, Congress has already allocated about $ 3 trillion to support the economy.

The US states began “opening” after the quarantine in May. Still, by the end of July, the situation with the coronavirus had severely deteriorated; the number of cases significantly exceeded the first peek of the epidemic. There are already more than 4 million confirmed cases in the US, and more than 145,000 people have died.