The US pandemic has reached a critical point

“At the moment, the United States is like a ship moving in a storm,” said Larry Gostin, a health expert at the American Georgetown University, predicting that the coming 3 months would be very difficult for the country.

We can say that now the US has already lost control of the pandemic. Last week, the daily number of new coronavirus infection cases in the country exceeded 160 thousand, 77% more than a week earlier. As of November 18, the number of deaths in the United States, in total, exceeded 250 thousand, which CNN called nothing less than a “terrible milestone.”

It is particularly sad that nearly 1.04 million children and adolescents in the United States tested positive for the coronavirus last week. “After the introduction of measles and polio vaccines, we haven’t seen a virus wreak havoc in communities at this level,” said Sally Goza, President of the American Academy of Pediatrics.

However, apparently, this dangerous situation did not particularly concern the authorities, who are keen on political struggle. The other day, the US leader repeatedly called the coronavirus Chinese in social networks, trying to find a scapegoat. The source of the current tragedy is the authorities ‘ disregard for the risks of infection.

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Author: Steve Cowan
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