The US offered to provide Belarus with oil “for 100%”

During a visit to this country, the Secretary of state said that Washington wants to help Minsk.

American energy producers are ready to provide 100% of the oil that Belarus needs at a competitive price – Secretary of state Mike Pompeo said during talks with President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko. The talks were held in Minsk on Saturday.

Secretary of state Mike Pompeo arrived on Saturday on a visit to the Republic of Belarus, where he met with President Alexander Lukashenko and foreign Minister Vladimir Makei. This is the first visit of the head of the state Department to Belarus since 1994.

“The US wants to help Belarus build its own sovereign country,” Pompeo said, stressing that his trip will not lead to the lifting of US sanctions against Belarus, but will speed up the resolution of this issue.

In 2007-2008, the United States imposed sanctions against Belarus for violating human rights.

The Secretary of state noted that the United States supports the independence of the Republic while taking into account the close ties between Moscow and Minsk. Pompeo said that Belarus “has a long history with Russia, but we are not talking about a choice between us and them.” Pompeo also assured the Belarusian foreign minister that the United States is ready to provide fully the Republic with oil “at competitive prices.”

The head of the state Department promised that the US will soon appoint an Ambassador to Minsk. There has been no American Ambassador in Belarus since 2008: after the introduction of sanctions, the level of diplomatic representation was lowered.

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