The US Navy apologized to the former captain of the aircraft carrier “Theodore Roosevelt”

Brett Сrozier asked the Navy to take drastic measures to combat the outbreak on the ship.

Acting Secretary of the US Navy Thomas Modly apologized to the former captain of the aircraft carrier Theodore Roosevelt, which had an outbreak of coronavirus. This came a few days after Modly’s criticism of the captain in front of the ship’s crew following Crozier’s dismissal.

“I don’t think Captain Brett Crozier is naive and stupid,” Modly said amid calls for crozier’s removal, including from the Chairman of the House armed services committee.

Modly also apologized to the crew of the aircraft carrier and the family of Brett Crozier. This happened a few hours after the opposite statement of the Acting Secretary of the US Navy, in which he noted that “I support every word I have previously said”.

Recall that last week, the captain of the aircraft carrier “Theodore Roosevelt” Brett Crozier was removed from his post after the publication of a letter in which he asked the Navy to take enhanced measures to contain the outbreak of coronavirus on a ship with a crew of 5,000 people.

Then Thomas Modly reported the captain’s suspension, saying that Crozier had made a mistake. According to Modly, the letter was sent to official authorities, but Crozier did not take enough precautions to prevent it from leaking.

“This caused extra alarm,” Modly said.

The coronavirus was diagnosed in more than 100 crew members. In a four-page letter, Crozier described the situation on the ship in dark tones, where more and more sailors were infected with a dangerous respiratory virus, and called for “drastic measures” – removing 4,000 people from the ship and placing them in isolation.

Author: Flyn Braun
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