The US National Intelligence Agency will create a center for combating foreign influence

The terms of creation and the budget of this structure are still unknown.

The Director of National Intelligence of the United States, Avril Haines, has begun to create a center to combat covert foreign influence on domestic political processes in the country. This was reported on Monday by the newspaper Politico.

The official representative of the office of the head of national intelligence told her that these measures are taken “in the light of changing threats and in support of the growing demands of [American] policy and the US Congress.” The so-called center for combating malicious foreign influence is supposed to be created “as soon as possible,” this official stressed. He declined to specify when the center might start operating. The budget of this structure is also unknown.

The formation of the center was provided for by the previously adopted legislation in the United States on appropriations for the needs of intelligence. It required the inclusion of analysts from all US intelligence agencies in the center. It was planned that the new structure would be engaged in bringing together all data on alleged foreign operations to influence political life in the United States and developing “appropriate assessments” for the country’s leadership. In addition, the legislation required US intelligence, in this case, to focus specifically on Iran, China, North Korea, and Russia. Haynes is considered the coordinator of all 18 US intelligence agencies.

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