The US military refused to purchase F-35 fighter jets

Air Force of the United States has decided to purchase more F-15EX Advanced Eagle fighters instead of the F-35 Lightning II, Free News reports, citing data from the Defense News magazine.

Earlier, the American weekly reviewed the Pentagon’s budget request for the 2022 fiscal year and reported that the F-35s were not included in the program for purchasing aircraft for the US Air Force.

Journalists indicated that instead, a significant part of the funds – $ 1.4 billion – will be spent on the purchase of 12 F-15EX fighters.

According to unconfirmed reports, the US Air Force is waiting for the appearance of an upgraded version of the F-35 Block 4, and until then it was decided to spend money on maintaining the existing machines in working order.

So, to maintain the existing fleet of F-35, the military additionally requested 360 million dollars. Of these, 175 million will be spent on the purchase of twenty power modules for the engines of these fighters. This is necessary to eliminate the flaw that causes the F-35 to encounter critical problems during overclocking.

The United States has repeatedly pointed out a large number of shortcomings of the F-35 fighter, the developer of which is the Lockheed Martin Corporation.

The Pentagon’s office of testing counted almost 900 defects in the aircraft, many of which can threaten the safety of pilots and reduce the effectiveness of the use of this combat vehicle in military operations.

For example, in March of this year, it was reported that as part of the US Marine Corps exercises at the Yuma training ground, the F-35B accidentally shot itself out of a cannon.

The auditors of the American Accounting Chamber also informed the congressmen about the problems with the fifth-generation fighters: upgrading the F-35 to the Block 4 version will cost the budget almost two billion dollars more. To date, the cost of the program to develop the aircraft has amounted to almost $ 400 billion.

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