The US may accidentally unleash a nuclear war

In the confrontation with China, the US Air Force may provoke a situation where Beijing will be forced to use nuclear weapons as a retaliatory measure, writes Forbes.

As noted by the columnist of the publication Lauren Thompson, in the event of the outbreak of hostilities, the United States will send aircraft capable of carrying nuclear charges to China’s airspace.

In particular, this was demonstrated during the exercises held at the end of last year. So, the US military modeled its actions in the event of a possible Chinese attack on Taiwan in 2030, writes Defense News.

According to media reports, they involved a promising American strategic bomber of the new generation B-21, as well as the B-52, which has been in service since 1955.

It is reported that the hypothetical invasion was stopped without the use of nuclear weapons, but the strategic warning system of the PRC is not yet able to quickly distinguish between a nuclear and non-nuclear attack.

“The Chinese command may not want to wait that long before responding,” Thompson said.

The leadership of the republic cannot without reason assume that the American stealth bombers are sent to track intercontinental ballistic missiles capable of reaching the territory of the United States or to destroy strategic military control systems, the author of the article added.

In his opinion, the designers of the US Air Force did not think much about the fact that their future heavy bombers would be completely represented by aircraft whose conventional or nuclear combat load is indistinguishable from the enemy.

“It did not matter much when the enemy was Serbia or Iraq, but when the other side is itself a nuclear power with a long-range strategic arsenal, it makes a big difference,” the observer believes. The Pentagon should consider how to use these aircraft in the event of war to prevent a possible nuclear conflict, Thompson concluded.

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40 thoughts on “The US may accidentally unleash a nuclear war”

  1. Nuclear war with China sounds like a great way to spend some time watching the horizon and drinking a shitload of booze, with my favorite hookers beside me. If the world is gonna end, let’s go out in crazy style.

    • Fuck ya man I’m with you there I’ll get all tuned up with you I’m sure my wife and kids would too. I’m not racist but I’m pretty pissed off that China made all of this mess and I personally think they made it with intentions for all us Americans and it backfired on them but I don’t agree with anything they have done since. So send them something back

      • You idiot we were at peace with everyone while trump was in office now look look at all the shot that’s happened after Biden took over you people do not use your faking brains.

          • I agree w/Biden does NOT have a cognitive working brain. Why do you think they talk about taking the Nuclear football away from Joe. If you pay attention to all the public speaking events by Sleepy Joe, many of them on just 5 months, and especially at the G7, Joe cannot think for himself – he always carries Que cards, should that not tell you; here’s a guy in the White House that must read a card before responding….. you getting this, now

        • Absolutely right! He’s out of office because of that very reason— they want to stir strife and go to war. Many Americans cannot think for themselves. And fall for anything!

        • Jesus your fucking stupid! We were not close to war when Trump was in! He didn’t want war! The deepstate wants war! Your fucking sheep

          • They want war so they can change our money system, same reason the CIA was behind 911. They wanted that war to fill their pockets. Our own government laundered money to Saudi Arabia who then put everything in to place. Ya’all need to get off the boob tube and start educating yourselves the government we have is corrupt AF. They do not give a damn about any of you! Infact those vaccines they are pushing will wipe out 2 million of the population if all goes as planned. I can’t believe anyone would trust the Biden administration ever. He supports China 150%. We were energy & oil independent infact we were doing so well, we were exporting our oil, until Biden stepped in now we are importing oil, so those selfish bastards get fill their pockets with dirty money promised to them for importing the oil…. Covid was never a pandemic. The real PANDEMIC is the STUPIDITY of the American people!! Stop being a puppet!!!

        • You can’t call someone an idiot for their opinion! That is the problem with the Trump supporters… are all rude as hell! Guess you don’t mind getting grabbed by the …..well, you know! No respect for any women that supports Trump! You have no respect for yourself!

        • The US has never been at peace with anyone, and had been at constant war for 220 of its 245 year old history stop deluding yourself and learn real history

        • We where not at peace if you look back when trump put a tax levy on all China products threatening them with retaliation and a whole lot of other things so Biden is the the only one pissing of every one

      • Jesus your fucking stupid! We were bot close to war when Trump was in! He didn’t want war! The deepstate wants war! Your fucking sheep

  2. We had peace, great economy, low unemployment, energy independence, and tax cuts. Now just look what’s going on now! All you idiots voted for the least affective politician in history with nothing to show in his over 40 year tenure just because you didn’t like Trumps demeanor. Trump is not a politician , he is a business man, and any business person would appreciate how he was for the country’s welfare and not for his own pocket obviously. He shook up the White House politicians who feared him and his followers. You people are so used to listening to the bullshit promises and political reteric from well seasoned politicians who have stolen from the American people for generations with false promises and lies. Trump may not sound like your typical politician and may speak like your best friend at the poker table but he will kick your ass when it comes to business. After all, the USA IS A BUSINESS AND SHOULD BE RUN LIKE ONE! So all you far left idiots that voted for sleepy Joe, wake up and try to wake him up because you have dragged the rest of us down the road of shit! In your own words, you all are cancelled! MORONS ALL OF YOU !

    • Trump is a wannabe period. He styled himself after Hitler, his own family said that. Instead of Jews he went after Mexican’s and Asia’s. He destroyed the environment foe oil which is no longer needed, as all car mfg are moving to electric vehicles, even citi buses are moving that way.

      • His family said he styled himself on Hitler? Really? I imagine his Jewish daughter, son in law and Jewish grand kids are terrified. Lol

    • All his businesses end in bankruptcy, All his friends and employee’s go to jail, All his taxes have been doctored, Business man…I think not. Deceptive liar…for sure

    • Who has time to be at war when we were attacked on our own soil and lost 500000 casualties and nothing was done- please tell me how at peace we were.

      • Those numbers were inflated and the CDC admitted it. Trump didn’t spread that virus that was the corrupt politicians, the deepstate and their allies CHINA!!

  3. You liberals get your shit together!You. dummercrats wan’t defund the police , now with crime and murders at an all time high , you Dummercrats don’t know what to do CALL THE GOST BUSTERS!
    Palousy will handle it after she gets finished eating her ice cream. She says you people handle it while she hides behind her walled in fortress

  4. Fucking piece of shit Democrats only out for their own selves wanna sell this country to China so they can make a few extra bucks trump said fuck that now y’all want this child molester piece of shit to ruin this country and get us all nuked fuck you piece of shit sheeple retard ass mother fuckers

  5. Democrats or globalist not Americans and so are some republicans.Look at the fact gas prices under joe have goin up and food prices UP.they want to tax the rich the most mobile people there are they will just move how many poor people create jobs take away the rich peoples money the rich won’t lose the people that want jobs will tax corporations they will pass the tax on to you and me. Fact China released COVID-19 on the world very aggressive should they be punished yes.joe gives Putin a list of things that should not be cyberattacked everting else is ok to be attacked very weak on joes part.joe stops the keystone pipe line then gives Putin a waver on his gas pipe line very weak.Dems love critical race theory look up racism define it if you believe in it you are a hard core racist.the souther border drugs into USA up people that will take your jobs for lower wages are invading America the the dem and corporations all for the invasion on the southern border dems want votes corporations want to pay low wages wake up America.


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