“The US makes erroneous statements”: Erdogan called the deal on the C-400 more attractive than the purchase of American Patriot

Turkish leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that the terms of the contract for the S-400 were more profitable than the US proposal for Patriot systems. He stressed that the transaction has already been completed, payment for it continues. Earlier in Washington said that Ankara’s decision threatens NATO’s cohesion, and called for a choice between “the preservation of partnership in the Alliance” and the purchase of Russian air defense systems. The Russian foreign Ministry noted that the US is putting pressure on Turkey because of Ankara’s decision to buy weapons from Russia. Experts believe that Washington’s discontent may entail new attempts of economic and political influence of the United States on Turkey.

Russia’s proposal to supply s-400 anti-aircraft missile systems is more profitable for Turkey than the US proposal for patriot air defense systems. This was stated by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

“The US in the proposal for the patriot SAM did not provide us with the same favorable conditions as Russia. Therefore, we are not interested in acquiring Patriot at this stage. In July, deliveries of S-400 will begin,” FreeNews said.

Erdogan added that the deal with Russia on the S-400 is completed, payment for it continues.

“The US makes erroneous statements on this topic,” he stressed.

He said that the topic of S-400 will be given special attention during the high-level cooperation Council chaired by the presidents of Russia and Turkey.

Turkey has one of the most powerful armies in NATO, and the sentiments demonstrated to it indicate a crisis in the Alliance, believes the expert of the Center for security studies of the RAS Konstantin Blokhin.

“Turkey’s behavior shows the crisis in this organization, a crisis that can grow. If Ankara continues to behave this way, Washington can act in the same way as in Venezuela — to try to change the regime”, the expert suggested.

He noted that Washington is also trying to influence Turkey through sanctions pressure.

“Washington’s policy of unleashing all sanctions wars is a policy to nowhere, it is doomed to failure,” Blokhin said.

Author: Flyn Braun
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