The US is preparing to attack defiantly the Northern sea route of Russia

The US is preparing in the Arctic “demonstration of the American flag” and consider the Northern sea route of Russia international waters.

The US is preparing to attack defiantly the Northern sea route of Russia

The US Secretary of the Navy Richard Spencer believes that the United States should create a strategic port in Alaska and conduct operations in the Arctic to demonstrate the American flag.

According to the Minister, the threat returned to the Arctic, and “the United States needs a strategic Arctic port in Alaska. We need to conduct operations to ensure freedom of navigation in the Northwest Passage, the Northern Passage, we need to monitor this,” he said at a seminar at the Center of strategic and international studies.

It seems that Spencer meant not only the Northwest Passage from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific-through the Canadian Arctic archipelago in the Beaufort Sea, but also the Northern sea route. Canada considers the Northwest Passage its jurisdiction, as well as Russia considers the North Sea route its own. But the US and several other countries believe that the North sea route and the Northwest passage belong to international waters.

In addition, according to the Minister, a serious threat appeared in the North Atlantic. This is a separate theater of war, and there are active work of the FMS, which is why we have recreated the Second fleet, Spencer explained. The area of responsibility of the disbanded in 2011 and recreated in May 2018, the 2nd US fleet includes the American East coast and the Northern part of the Atlantic ocean.

Author: Flyn Braun
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