The US is going to recognize Russia as a “sponsor of terrorism”

December 11 on Wednesday, the Committee on Foreign Affairs of the Senate of the United States Congress approved a bill, suggesting the introduction of some restrictions for Russia for supporting the Syrian government.

Democratic Senator Robert Menendez announced this on his Twitter page.

Next, the draft will have to go to the Senate of the whole, where it can be made some changes.

The initiative assumes that the state Department, after consultations with the military Department, will compile a list of Russian individuals and entities that “intentionally export, transfer or otherwise provide Syria with significant financial, material or technological support, which significantly increases the ability of the Syrian government to acquire weapons, as well as receive related information.”

The Senate will also consider this list. Those in it will be included in the American blacklists, which means a ban on entry, freezing of assets in the United States, a ban on doing business with this person for American citizens or companies.

At the same time, the bill allows that the US President can consider each case separately and refuse to impose sanctions. Also, the state Department every 15 days will have to provide a report on the influence of Russia on Syria, which “poses a threat to the interests of national security of the United States.”

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