The US is going to create an anti-Chinese coalition

The United States wants to create an international coalition to confront China, US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo said at a press conference with British Foreign Minister Dominic Raab.

“We can create a coalition that will understand this threat and collectively convince the Chinese Communist Party that such behavior is not in China’s interests,” Free News reports.

Pompeo accused China of systematically violating international law, pointing to the situation in the South China Sea, the standoff between China and India, and the “role of China” in the spread of coronavirus infection in the world. Pompeo said that China was engaged in “concealing information in conjunction with the corrupt world health organization.”

The Secretary of state added that Washington would like all countries of the world that understand the value of freedom and democracy to be aware of “the threat that the Chinese Communist party poses to them.”

“We want all countries to resist such activities, and we do not mean words and statements by this. We want all the countries of the world to work together to resist the efforts of the Chinese Communist party in all the areas I mentioned today, and the United Kingdom, of course, is one of these countries,” he said.

Last week, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi, in a telephone conversation with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, said that the US has already lost its reason, and morality, and trust.