The US is counting on China to implement the first phase of the trade agreement

The US is counting on China to fulfill its obligations under the first phase of the trade agreement, US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo said on Wednesday.

“We want to see an honest and two-sided response… We hope that China will meet the requirements of the first phase of the trade agreement, and we hope to see a change in behavior across the entire spectrum of issues,” the US Secretary of state said. He declined to give a clear answer to a journalist’s question about whether he considers China a “regime of evil” similar to Iran. Still, He said that “China has been dishonest to America for too long.”

The US and China signed the first part of the trade agreement on January 15, under which Washington maintained duties of 25% on Chinese goods worth about $ 250 billion, along with 7.5% on products worth $ 120 billion. The agreement stipulates that the Chinese side will purchase $ 75 billion worth of American industrial goods, $ 50 billion worth of energy resources, and $ 40 billion worth of agricultural products. China will have to spend another $ 35-40 billion on services over the next two years. So the US hopes to bring the imbalance in trade with China, which totaled hundreds of billions of dollars, to an “honest” indicator.

Officially, Beijing and Washington still insist on their readiness to fulfill their obligations under the trade agreement, but relations between them are tense on some issues.