The US imposes sanctions on two Venezuelan officials

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced the imposition of sanctions on the judge and prosecutor who led the case against six former executives of the oil company Citgo, who have been imprisoned in Venezuela since November 2017 after they were lured to Caracas under pretenses.

Judge Lorena Carolina Cornel Ruiz presided over the trial, and Ramon Antonio Torres Espinosa acted as a state prosecutor, representing the illegal Maduro regime. “Thus, these two officials played a crucial role in the pseudo – the trial of each of the Citgo executives,” Pompeo said. – These proceedings were marred by the lack of guarantees of a fair trial and based on politically motivated charges. The media and human rights organizations were denied access to court sessions. These six people and their families have suffered long enough. It is time for Maduro to release them and allow them to be reunited with their families.”

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