The US imposes sanctions on Maduro

The United States is imposing sanctions on Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro for cooperation with Iran, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said.

“We are also imposing sanctions on former Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro for ties to Iran,” Pompeo said, speaking to reporters on Monday. According to the Secretary of State, “for almost two years, the Iranian authorities cooperated with the illegitimate regime of Venezuela to circumvent the UN arms embargo.”

In Venezuela, mass protests against President Nicolas Maduro began in early 2019 shortly after he was sworn in. The head of the National Assembly, controlled by the opposition, Juan Guaido, illegally declared himself interim head of state. Several Western countries led by the US announced its recognition of Guaido. In turn, Maduro called the head of the Parliament a puppet of the United States. Russia, China, Turkey, and some other countries supported Maduro as a legitimate President. In Moscow, called “presidential status” of Guaido non-existent.