The US House of Representatives passed a temporary budget until December 20

WASHINGTON -The US House of Representatives on Tuesday passed a temporary budget until December 20, according to the results of the vote.

The document was supported by 231 members of the house (mostly Democrats), against – 191 (mostly Republicans), nine members did not vote.

The document defines the procedure for financing most of the Federal ministries, not including the Ministry of Defense and other departments responsible for national defense.

This is not the first temporary extension of the budget. The fiscal year 2019 ended in the US on October 1 and then legislators passed a short-term budget until November 21.

In theory, if the leadership of Congress and the White House fail to agree on the budget, the US faces another “shutdown.”

The white House has previously said that President Donald Trump will sign a temporary budget unless it prevents him from funding the construction of a wall on the border with Mexico.

The temporary budget law allows us to prevent “shutdown” when in the absence of the approved budget suspend the work of state institutions. The last shutdown in December 2018-January 2019 was caused by disagreements between trump and Congress and was the longest in history. As a result of the latest “shutdown,” Trump did not receive the required funds for the wall, but redistributed Pentagon funds for this purpose, despite outrage in Congress.

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