The US has threatened Turkey with sanctions for the purchase of S-400

Turkey faces sanctions from the US Congress for the purchase of Russian S-400 SAMs, the unacceptability of such purchases will be declared by President Donald Trump during a visit to Washington next week by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, said US national security adviser Robert O’Brien.

“We were very unhappy with it,” O’Brien said on CBS, commenting on Turkey’s purchase of the S-400.

“If Turkey does not get rid of the S-400, then probably the sanctions under the CAATSA law will pass in Congress with overwhelming support from both countries, and Turkey will feel the consequences of these sanctions. We have made this clear to President Erdogan. There is no room in NATO for the S-400, for significant purchases of Russian weapons. That President (Trump) will tell him (Erdogan) very clearly when he comes here to Washington,” O’Brien said.

Earlier, the US excluded Turkey from the production program of its F-35 aircraft and threatened further sanctions for the purchase of Russian missile air defense systems.

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