The US has threatened China and Russia with sanctions over Iran

Washington has warned military-industrial companies against supplying weapons to Tehran.

Chinese and Russian military-industrial companies that have signed agreements with Iran to supply weapons will feel the “full force” of US sanctions, the State Department said.

“The position of the United States is that the arms embargo needs to be extended, and if it were extended, we would not have to go back to restoring the entire Arsenal of UN sanctions,” State Department special representative Elliot Abrams, the top official on Iran, told reporters.

“We believe that one practical consequence will be that we will tell arms manufacturers and dealers around the world that if you do business with Iran, the full force of these new, or rather restored, sanctions will be felt immediately, because they will be imposed against you,” Abrams warned.

The warning raised expectations of US crackdowns on China and Russia, which US officials describe as looking to sell advanced weapons systems to the rogue regime.
In August, the United States failed to get a UN Security Council resolution to extend the expiring arms embargo on Iran.