The US has reduced the number of its troops in Afghanistan and Iraq

The United States has reduced the number of troops in Afghanistan and Iraq to 2.5 thousand in each country, Free News reported with reference to the message of the US Department of Defense.

“Today, the number of US troops in Afghanistan was 2.5 thousand. This reduction, carried out by order of President Trump, which I reported on November 17, leads to the fact that the number of US forces in the country has reached the lowest level since 2001,” Acting US Secretary of Defense Christopher Miller said in a statement.

The official also added that the number of troops in Iraq has also been reduced to 2.5 thousand.

In mid-November last year, Christopher Miller said that the number of American troops in these countries by January 15, 2021, will be up to 2.5 thousand people in each of the States.

Author: Steve Cowan
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