The US has proposed sanctions against Putin because of “collusion” with the Taliban

US Democratic Senator Bob Menendez has introduced amendments to the country’s defense budget that provides for sanctions against Russian President Vladimir Putin and the Russian authorities for alleged “collusion” with the Taliban.

According to the Senator’s proposal, sanctions should be imposed if the US Director of national intelligence confirms that the Russian authorities paid remuneration to Taliban militants for attacks on American soldiers in Afghanistan. This should be done no later than 15 days after the receipt of such information.

The set of sanctions is standard – asset freezes and bans on entering the country, as well as a ban on cooperation with the defense and intelligence sector of Russia, which already does not exist, because these sectors have long been under various US sanctions.

Menendez also decided not to limit himself to a General mention that sanctions should be imposed against Russian officials and their representatives who are associated with the Taliban. He stressed that restrictions should be imposed on Putin and the “main intelligence agency” of the Russian defense Ministry, which in the United States is considered guilty of a series of crimes, including interference in elections and the poisoning of the Skripals.