The US has imposed sanctions against China

The US has imposed sanctions under the Magnitsky act against the Xinjiang industrial and construction corps of China, the Office for foreign assets control of the US Treasury (OFAC) said.

Also included in the list of sanctions is the head of the corps, Peng Jiazui, and former political Commissar of the corps, Sun Jin-Long.

The Xinjiang industrial and construction building is controlled by the authorities in Beijing, not the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region. It is engaged in the construction of facilities, responsible for relocation to the district from other regions, and administers a number of cities.

The sanctions were imposed in connection with “serious human rights violations against ethnic minorities in Xinjiang,” the Ministry said in a release. The US again accused the Chinese authorities of mass detention and physical influence on the Uighur population and other minorities.

As stated in connection with the introduction of sanctions, US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo, inclusion in the sanctions list automatically deprives two high-ranking representatives of the Corps of the right to enter the United States. “Today’s measures are another US effort to prevent human rights violations in Xinjiang. We call on all countries to join us in condemning the appalling human rights violations of their own citizens by the CPC (Communist Party of China), which affects countless families around the world,” he said.

In early July of this year, the US imposed sanctions against the party Secretary of the Xinjiang production and construction corps for his involvement in human rights violations in Xinjiang, especially against Uighurs.

China denies the US charges and the oppression of the Uighurs.