The US has imposed new sanctions against Iran

As Secretary Pompeo stressed, the purpose of these sanctions is to support the Iranian people, who are suffering from a totalitarian regime.

The United States imposes financial sanctions and visa restrictions on 12 Iranian individuals and businesses. Secretary of state Mike Pompeo stated this in a statement, published on May 20.

The sanctioned individuals include the current Iranian Interior Minister Abdolreza Rahmani Fazli. The American government considers him directly involved in the bloody suppression of widespread protests in Iran in 2019, which resulted in the killing of many protesters, including at least 23 minors.

The head of the Iranian interior Ministry and his next of kin are banned from entering the United States.

In addition to human rights violations within its borders, the statement said, Iran has a long history of murder and terrorism in other countries

Another person who was sanctioned was Ali Fallahian, who served as the head of Iran’s intelligence service (MOIS) from 1989 to 1997. During this time, he was involved in some murders and attacks around the world, including the 1995 murder of Alice Flatow, a 20 – year-old American exchange student who died in a suicide bombing in the Gaza strip. He is also responsible for the attack of a Jewish community center in Buenos Aires in 1994, which killed 85 people.

“To hide evidence of the regime’s abuses against its people, Iran in November last year almost completely closed access to the global Internet,” the US Secretary of state said in a statement. ” as a result, almost all 80 million people (of the Iranian population) were left in digital darkness for a week. Security forces killed 1,500 people, and arbitrarily detained thousands more.”
Pompeo called on technology companies in the US and around the world to contribute to improving the “free flow of information” for the Iranian people.