The US has hidden data on the first COVID-19 infections

Global Times China journalists claim that the coronavirus that caused the global pandemic originated in the United States and the data on the first infected were classified.

The authors of the material drew attention to the current surge in morbidity in American Florida. According to the publication, this may indirectly indicate that COVID-19 could appear there earlier than in Wuhan, China.

“At least 26 people (in Florida) showed symptoms at the end of December (2019) or in January (2020); at least eight of them did not travel and did not have contact with other infected people,” said one of the scientists interviewed by journalists.

The Chinese virologist noted that at that time, the United States did not regard the increase in the number of infected people as cases of COVID-19 or “deliberately ignored them” and even “temporarily removed” them from open access.

At the beginning of the year, experts from the World Health Organization (WHO) visited the Chinese city of Wuhan to determine the source of the coronavirus infection. They considered the version about its laboratory origin unlikely.

Later, new articles were published in the American media about the signs of a COVID-19 leak from the Wuhan laboratory. American President Joe Biden demanded that intelligence strengthen the collection of data on this problem. China rejects all accusations and suspicions.

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