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The US has expanded the interpretation of sanctions on the “Nord stream – 2”

The sanctions will affect companies that provide services to vessels involved in the project.

The US State Department clarified the sanctions on the “Nord Stream-2” gas pipeline project, saying that they will also affect companies that provide various services or financing for the project’s vessels.

As noted in the statement of the Ministry, the Provisions of the European energy security protection act (PEESA) concerning sanctions against foreign persons and companies that knowingly provided vessels for the construction of a project “may also apply to foreign firms or persons who provide certain services or goods necessary for the provision or operation of a vessel involved in the process of laying pipes for such projects.”

The State Department explained that such sanctioned activities might include, among other things, “providing services or material for the modernization or installation of equipment for these vessels, or financing the modernization or installation of equipment for these vessels.”

“The State Department and the Ministry of Finance are ready to use the full range of sanctions powers to stop the construction of these pipelines,” the Ministry stressed, referring to the “Nord stream-2” and Turkish stream projects, as well as their possible continuation.

The United States believes that the “Nord stream-2” gas pipeline poses a threat to Europe’s energy security, reducing its energy diversification, and may also increase political pressure on Ukraine, which currently supplies gas to Europe through its territory.

“We continue to call on Russia to stop using its energy resources for coercive purposes,” the state Department said. “Russia uses its pipelines to export energy resources to create national and regional dependence on Russian energy supplies, using this dependence to expand its political, economic and military influence, weaken European security, and undermine the national security and foreign policy interests of the United States.”

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