The US has developed a device for instant detection of coronavirus

Scientists from George Washington University in the District of Columbia have created a small device that allows almost instant detection of COVID-19 or traces of antibodies in patients, the portal MedicalXpress reported.

A team of specialists led by Mona Zagloul took as a basis a previously invented device that reacts to various types of gas. It consists of the thinnest conductors and is covered with a layer of gold.

As the University notes, with the onset of the pandemic, scientists realized that this invention might have other applications. After receiving a grant of 50 thousand dollars, they began to develop a variant of the device that could respond to the presence of coronavirus in humans.

In practice, this looks like this. The surface of the device is lubricated with a reagent that is susceptible to infection. After recognizing the virus, it changes the color of the indicator, which can be decoded using the phone’s camera.

The researchers are confident that in the future, their invention will allow creating extensive databases of COVID-19 patients, which specialists will be able to replenish through cloud storage.

According to the latest data from the World Health Organization, there are more than 15.5 million cases of coronavirus infection worldwide. The victims of COVID-19 were more than 635 thousand people.

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