The US has data that may allow us to find out the origin of the coronavirus

According to NYT, we can talk about such information as the movement of laboratory workers in Wuhan and the nature of the outbreak of coronavirus there.

The US intelligence services have some data, with the help of which it may be possible to determine the source of the new type of coronavirus. The New York Times reported this.

According to her, intelligence officials have still not studied information on this problem, for a better understanding of it, a computer analysis is needed. As the newspaper notes, we can talk about such data as the movement of laboratory workers in Wuhan and the nature of the outbreak of the coronavirus there. In addition, the White House hopes that US allies will be able to connect their allies ‘ intelligence networks to get more information about the laboratory and its work.

A written statement issued on Wednesday on behalf of US President Joe Biden said that the country’s intelligence community does not have enough information to say with certainty how the spread of the new coronavirus began: from human contact with an infected animal or an incident in the laboratory. In this regard, Biden instructed the US intelligence agencies to “once again redouble their efforts” to study all available data and prepare a new report for him in 90 days. The head of the White House hopes that this will allow “to get closer to a clearer conclusion.” Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said on Thursday that such an order from the American president indicates that “the United States does not care about facts and truth, is not interested in conducting a serious, science-based study of the sources of the coronavirus” and “uses the epidemic as a tool for muddying, political manipulation and shifting blame.”

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