The US has begun withdrawing troops from Afghanistan

The withdrawal is being carried out within the framework of the US-Taliban agreement.

The US began withdrawing troops from Afghanistan, beginning to implement the agreement with the Taliban.

Representatives of the US military stated this on Tuesday.

The agreement between the US and the Taliban, signed on February 29, was presented as an attempt by Washington to end the 18-year war in Afghanistan.

Sonny Leggett, a spokesman for the US military in Afghanistan, said Tuesday that the military has begun “a condition-based reduction of the force to 8,600 people over 135 days.”

Currently, there are about 13,000 American troops in Afghanistan. Of these, 8,000 are engaged in training and advising the Afghan national security forces.

Approximately 5,000 more people participate in anti-terrorist operations and provide military support to the Afghan army when requested.


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