The US has banned several exchange programs with China

The United States has stopped several cultural exchange programs with China, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said.

“Today, the State Department stopped five programs that were conducted under the guise of “cultural exchange” with China,” Pompeo said in a written statement.

According to him, these programs allow US civil servants to travel to China with foreign money. Also, they are funded by the Chinese authorities “as soft propaganda tools.”

“(The programs) represent carefully controlled access to Chinese Communist Party officials, not the Chinese people,” Pompeo said.

He also called this program “one-way.”

Before that, the United States has already criticized the actions of the Chinese authorities in connection with the adoption of the “National Security Law,” claiming that, through it, the Chinese authorities are allegedly “going to seize Hong Kong.” The Chinese authorities rejected all the accusations and criticism, calling for no interference in the country’s internal Affairs. China and the United States have noted the adoption of several counter-restrictive measures.


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