The US has again introduced a resolution to extend the arms embargo against Iran

The US representative acknowledged that Russia and China are likely to use the right of veto and block Washington’s proposal.

The United States has circulated a new draft resolution to members of the UN Security Council calling for an extension of the current UN arms embargo on Iran.

The document, which was reviewed by journalists, asks UN member states to stop all arms deliveries to and from Iran.

It also suggests that UN member states refrain from providing Iran with “technical assistance, financial resources or services, or assistance related to the supply, sale, transfer, production, maintenance or use of weapons.”

The new resolution is almost identical to the one the US circulated in June.

US Ambassador Kelly Craft acknowledged that Russia and China are likely to veto any resolution.

This could lead to a crisis at the UN, as Craft and US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo threaten to use the “rollback” clause in the 2015 Iran nuclear agreement, which provides for the restoration of all UN sanctions against Tehran.

The US claims that it can go for it, despite the fact that President Donald Trump withdrew from the multilateral agreement in 2018.